Craigellachie (The Last Spike)

Craigellachie is located 45 km west of Revelstoke. It is near the entrance to the Eagle Pass. Craigellachie is the site where the last spike on the Canadian Pacific Railway was driven. Lord Strathcona drove the last spike and marked the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway on November 7, 1885. This point marks an important landmark in the history of the railways in Canada and also symbolizes the national unity since the railroad links east and west Canada. There is also a dark side to the construction of the railroad. The work was done mainly by underpaid Chinese workers, who were given dangerous jobs. There were several causalities, mainly due to nitroglycerine explosions, during the course of construction. Six months after the last spike was driven into place, the first passenger train made its journey across the railway. The last spike is located towards the west side of Craigellachie, next to the Canadian Pacific Railway. The site is marked by a historic obelisk with the names and details of the construction of the railway. There are several historical photographs on display. In addition, you can find good picnic spots and a gift store where you can pick up some souvenirs.

Located on Highway One (Trans Canada Highway) approximately 16.4 Kilometers West of Noah’s Ark Resort