The Mica Dam

The Mica Dam is a hydroelectric dam that is located 135 km north of Revelstoke in British Columbia. The dam derives its name from the rich reservoirs of mica which were present in the mica Creek, which is now drowned by the lake created by the dam. Mica dam is operated by BC Hydro. This dam as constructed as part of the fulfillment of the Columbia River Treaty signed by the United States and Canada in 1961. Construction of the dam began in 1967 and ended in 1973. This dam is one of the largest earth fill dams in the world. The reservoir behind the dam is called the Kinbasket Lake. The reservoir is fed by the rivers Columbia, Kicking Horse, Canoe and Wood. The powerhouse of the Mica Dam is located underground. It has a total of four generators, which generate a total of 1740 MB power. During the construction of the dam, the workers and their families were housed in a temporary settlement near the site. After construction was over, the village was shifted to higher ground to reduce the risk of flooding. Another high point of this dam is that the reservoir covers the historical Big Bend Highway. This was the only route through the Selkirk Mountains prior to the construction of the Rogers Pass.

Located 135km north of Revelstoke on Hwy 23N, approximately 163 Kilometers North East of Noah’s Ark Resort