The Nickelodeon Museum

The Nickelodeon museum is located 19 kms east of the Three Valley Lake Chateau in Revelstoke. This is Canada’s only mechanical music museum. It aims to highlight the history of automatic music machines starting from the barrel organ of the 18th century and going on to the juke boxes of the 1950’s. You can also find a variety of automatic music organs like the Dutch street organ, an 84 key Belgian dance organ, reed organettes. The museum also has a collection of pianos, music boxes, sound recording instruments, magic lanterns and more. Piano enthusiasts will enjoy the collection of pianos which include the barrel piano, Aeolian Duo –Art reproducing piano and the classic piano of all time- the Steinway grand Pianola. The music boxes collection includes a musical pocket watch, a Grand Format, disc boxes and so on. You can also find sound recording instruments, gramophones and juke boxes. In addition to this there is a vintage radio collection. The magic lantern collection features items that outline the history of movie projection. The museum hosts Vintage Movie Nights where movies are projected using vintage projectors so that audiences can enjoy movies the old fashioned way. There are guided tours and demonstrations so that visitors can get an idea of the history and working of different instruments.

Located at 111 First St. West, Revelstoke BC, approximately 28 Kilometers East of Noah's Ark Resort

For more information 250-837-5250