Three Valley Gap

Three Valley GapThree Valley Gap has combined contemporary facilities with the heritage of British Columbia in a perfect manner.  A visit to this place will make you feel the ambiance of the late 18th century that you used to read about in books.

You can touch the pages of your history book even more closely during the visit to The Ghost Town. The tour includes visits to abandoned towns and buildings that were left unused since the gold fever ended in the late 18th century. You will get to see more than twenty five historic buildings, a buggy and wagon shop, the auto museum which stores several exhibits belonging to British Columbia of  times long since passed. Some of the famous historic buildings here include: a Barbershop, Shoe Repair Shop, Bottle House and the Hotel Bellevue.

The best thing about visiting this attraction is the parking facility that is offered free of cost. However, if you are going to have your pets with you, they will not be allowed to enter The Ghost Town.

Before planning your tour, you should know that The Ghost Town has different operating hours at different times of the year. From 8th April till 31st May and again from 7th September up to 7th October this place stays open from 9 am to 5pm. In peak season,  from 1st June till 6th September you can visit this place anytime in between 8am and 8pm.

For more information 1-888-667-2109

Three Valley Gap is located approximately 9.3 Kilometers East of Noah's Ark Resort on Highway One (Trans Canada Highway)