Mount Revelstoke National Park

View from Mount RevelstokeMount Revelstoke National Park is a place where you can find different kinds of flora ranging from rainforests of cedar and pine to tundra vegetation. This is a paradise for those who love flora and fauna. Besides cedars and pines, you can also find subalpine forests, alpine meadows and more. The park has species like the Western Red Cedar, Western Hemlock. You can also find Skunk Cabbage in the wetland area. You will also find a variety of birds, banana slugs, mountain caribou, mountain goats etc. The park provides a home for the grizzly bear too. There are a number of hiking trails and cross country skiing trails here. Most of the trails lead to lakes. The Meadows in the Sky Parkway is a major tourist attraction in Mount Revelstoke National Park. The parkway begins in the rainforests and runs through the sub-alpine forests and ends in the sub alpine wildflower meadows. Popular boardwalks in the park include The Giant Cedars Boardwalk and the Skunk Cabbage Boardwalk. The Skunk Cabbage Boardwalk is a perfect place for spotting birds, beavers, bears etc. This National Park is located close to Revelstoke. Spring and summer are the best times to visit this park.

Located just off of Highway One (Trans Canada Highway) approximately 28.8 Kilometers East of Noah’s Ark Resort