Rogers Pass

Rogers Pass Looking EastThe Rogers Pass is a high mountain pass used by the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Trans-Canada Highway. It runs through the Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia. Rogers Pass is located at Glacier National Park. The mountains here are popular sites for skiing, camping, hiking and climbing. Rogers Park was discovered by and named after Major A.B Rogers who was dispatched to find a pass through the Selkirk Mountains. Rogers Pass is formed by two tributaries of the Columbia River- the Illecillewaet River to the west and the Beaver River to the east. This area receives plenty of snowfall in winter, making it extremely avalanche prone. Several avalanche control techniques have been implemented at Rogers Park to maintain the flow of traffic in winter and prevent loss of life and property. Rogers Pass Looking WestTravelers to Rogers pass must see the visitor’s center. This center has models highlighting the history of the railways and information regarding the Glacier National Park. The Abandoned Rails Interpretive Trail is a must visit. You can walk along the abandoned rail track and visit avalanche galleries. There are many information panels with photographs which provide additional information.

Located on Highway One (Trans Canada Highway) approximately 98 Kilometers East of Noah's Ark Resort